The Second Star Wars Ride Opens in January!

In case you haven’t already been to DISNEYLAND® Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge - or are planning to go again – there’s big news! A brand-new Star Wars attraction is coming this January, making the immersive experience even more spectacular.


Step inside the fight between the Light and Dark Sides with Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, slotted to open at Disneyland on January 17, 2020. Disney is introducing groundbreaking technology to create several different ride systems for your intergalactic journey on one of their longest attractions ever. You’ll be chased by Kylo Ren for a full 15 minutes.


This latest Star Wars ride will offer elements of your favorite Disney classics, including The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and The Haunted Mansion to create a themed experience that is sure to exceed all expectations. Special effects, video projections, and the sights and sounds of blaster fire give Rise of the Resistance full cinematic action that takes you inside a thrilling episode all your own.



Some Special Spoilers!

It looks like the whole cast from the most recent sequel trilogy will be a part of the new ride, as you join a rebel mission led by Rey herself, fly alongside Poe, and are led through a Dark Side spaceship by Finn, who is working undercover for the Resistance.


You’ll start your journey at a rebel base, where you and other Resistance fighters receive instructions from Rey to proceed to a secret outpost of General Organa’s. With both BB-8 and Poe Dameron as copilots, you’ll board a large ship with Nien Nunb at the helm. After take-off, your spacecraft will be dragged inside a massive Star Destroyer, leading you directly into a nest of Stormtroopers!


As Stormtroopers and TIE fighters are engaged in battle, and you’ll be able to interact with dark side members and First Order officers send you down a terrifying hall into detention cells where you await your fate. Next, you board vehicles led by an R5 droid and glide along a trackless ride system into an actual battle against the Dark Side within the full-size ship.


Luckily, Resistance troops led by Finn are waiting, after infiltrating the Imperial starship. You’ll encounter Kylo Ren, General Hux and many more of your favorite characters as you slip through the legs of an AT-AT walker, barely avoid Stormtrooper gunfire, and ultimately escape. The ride is guaranteed to be intense, finishing with a death-defying drop in an escape pod from the Star Destroyer for an exciting journey back to Batuu.


Still, you can expect moments of humor as befits a Star Wars attraction. Don’t miss a debut that is certain to be historic — and is already eagerly anticipated. Of course, you’ll also find a huge selection of specially themed galactic dining and shopping as well as the already popular Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.


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*All images courtesy Disney Parks.